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Send money and remittances instantly to your beloved ones


What we do

We are creating a seamless channel to deliver your hard earned money to your beloved ones back home through a trusted and convenient medium.

Why Choose us

We strive to be the most convenient channel for you to transfer your hard earned money to your loved ones across boarders

Our main core focus is to provide a customer centric remittances service for both senders and receivers


Your money is transferred through secured channels


Your remittances are reflected instantly within minutes to your family backhome


Our competitive edge is providing a convenient customer centric service for senders and receivers

Is 7WL Live?

We are working hard on our license to make it live ASAP.

How long does the transaction take?

The transaction could be reflected in 15 minutes up to the next day. For sure the faster, the higher the fees 😉

Will 7WL be available in all Countries?

Now we are focusing on the UAE/Egypt corridor with plans to expand to the GULF.

What our users Say?

Coming Soon!